Murray Tucker Writer screamer: the forgotten voice of the pittsburgh steelers

The first book I wrote was a biography of my father, Joe Tucker, Screamer: The Forgotten Voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The first portion of the book relates his early years of struggle, leaving his home in Canada to seek a better one in the U.S. Most of the rest provides stories of the people who were important as mentors and colleagues such as Art Rooney, the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers, John H. Harris who brought ice hockey to Pittsburgh, Bob Prince who worked with him on football, hockey and baseball, and Bill Cullen and various episodes as a pioneer radio announcer.  My current work, the journeys of brothers, is a novel with an historical base. There are parallels to my grandfather's story. I have incorporated some elements, but twisted them, turning facts into fiction. As the fictional characters Meyer and Ephraim had blue eyes and light hair, so did my grandfather. Also, my grandfather did not make the voyage to Uruguay as he was supposed to with his brother from Liverpool. This event set up a crucial event in the novel where Meyer's brother purposefully avoids the ship that was to take both of them to Canada. 
  My grandfather and his brother Ephraim were married to sisters, another element in the story. Meyer like my grandfather spent three years in Montreal waiting for his wife. They, like my grandparents, settled first in Hirsch and after three years moved to Estevan where Meyer, like my grandfather, became a butcher.   For a very brief period my grandfather bootlegged whiskey into North Dakota. Bootlegging is an important section of I Chose to Flee. Meyer makes three trips back to Europe. My grandfather made none. These trips relate to other people and their stories. My grandfather never forgave his brother for leaving him behind. From my point of view...well I wouldn't have one. Meyer eventually finds his brother and reconciles with him.