Screamer: The forgotten Voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Screamer is the story of Joe Tucker the first voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1936-1967, and the first voice of Pittsburgh Hockey, 1936-1956. It is a long overdue history of Pittsburgh sports radio in the Golden Age (before television).

Screamer details how Joe became an announcer, the thrills of the profession as well as the problems. He worked with Rosey Rosewell and Bob Prince on baseball. He interviewed hundreds of sports figures and maintained a daily sports show from 1936-1968.

Art Rooney considered Joe as  one of the reasons fans came in increasing numbers. Joe was a student of the sports he reported. He regarded "Bullet Bill" Dudley as the greatest player he ever saw.

Screamer is based on Joe Tucker’s notes edited and expanded upon by his son.

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